Permanent Carbon Removals with co-benefits to smallholder farmers

Mati removes carbon by enhanced weathering enabled by robust MRV and tracking techniques applied in small farm holding setting

Permanent Carbon Removals with co-benefits to smallholder farmers

Mati provides farm nutrients to smallholder farmers in Indian rice paddies that can improve their crop productivity, and earnings


Best-in-Class robust MRV

Mati’s is building robust Measurement, Reporting and Verification(MRV) tools to ensure highest quality permanent carbon removal and storage.


Scalable Durable Carbon Removal

Mati’s aims for gigaton removal scale enabled by ample farmlands and proximity to one of the largest deposits of weathering igneous rocks in the world.

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Improves Global Food Security

Mati’s farm nutrients enrich the soil with micro-nutrients and improve farm productivity of smallholder farmlands mitigating food security.


Uplifts the Smallholder Farmer

Mati’s innovative business model delivers farm nutrients to smallholder farmers with limited access to fertilizers reducing their costs and providing co-benefits.

Global Climate Change needs solutions that can scale today. Mati's goal is to remove cumulatively 100 Million tonnes of CO2 by 2040 while creating significant co-benefits for farmers

How it works?

The weathering of silicate rocks has played a major role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout Earth’s history. When silicate rocks react with water and CO2, they produce dissolved bicarbonates that eventually wash away into the oceans, sequestering them for >10,000 years.
At Mati, we’re speeding up this natural process by spreading rock powder on rice paddies in India where warm weather conditions , and plentiful water provide for the highest weathering potential. Not only does enhanced weathering remove carbon, but it also revitalizes soils with micornutrients and enriches crops. This means farmers can reduce their use of synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides, make farming practices more sustainable.

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We are hiring!

We are looking for passionate people like ourselves who want to make a difference in climate change. We are hiring in the domains of agronomy, geochemistry, business operations and marketing and sales.