Climate Justice in Action

We are working with the marginal farmers who are most vulnerable to climate change
Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and changes in precipitation patterns are likely to lead to crop failures and reduced yields.  The frequency and intensity of droughts and floods are also expected to increase, further exacerbating the challenges faced by farmers. 
Mati is working with the marginal farmers typically owning less than 2 Ha of land and farming 1 to 2 crops per year. In many cases these farmers cannot even afford irrigation, let alone fertilizers for their fields. Mati provides a solution for their farms to fertilize and improve crop productivity while reducing pestilence.  

Significant opportunity for upliftment with farmers in developing countries due to wide income differences:

Abundant raw materials, suitable weather conditions and potential to impact millions of marginal farmers provide for a goldilocks opportunity in climate impact.

Mati is using enhanced rock weathering to not only scale robust MRV based carbon removals but also provide climate change justice to marginal farmers
Improved soil health

Enhanced rock weathering improves soil fertility, leading to better crop yields and improved livelihoods for farmers.

Making small farmers carbon removers

By absorbing atmospheric CO2, enhanced rock weathering helps to mitigate climate change, which disproportionately affects vulnerable communities in India putting small farmers at the forefront of being part of carbon removal solution to climate change.

Carbon removal value transfer to the vulnerable

Unlike expensive carbon capture and storage technologies, where most of the carbon value goes towards capex and opex, Mati’s process trasnfers a significant portion of the value to the farmers directly.

Creates new rural livelihoods

The production and distribution of crushed silicate rocks creates new rural livelihoods, improving economic opportunities in India’s rural communities.

Promotes sustainable agriculture

By improving soil fertility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced rock weathering promotes sustainable agriculture, helping to ensure food security for future generations.

Pictures from the field:

Field Testiomonials:

“माटी को खेत में डालने के बाद मेरी फसल की उपज में वृद्धि हुई है और अन्य फसलों की तुलना में फसल में रोग भी कम हुए हैं। माटी हमारी मिट्टी की गुणवत्ता को बढ़ाने और हमारे खेतों पर फसल लागत के बोझ को कम करने में हमारी बहुत मदद कर रही है।”
(After putting Mati in the field, my crop yield has increased and the crop has lesser diseases as compared to the other crops. Mati is helping us a lot in enhancing our soil quality and reducing the burden of crop input cost to our fields.)

Shankar Lal

Farmer, Amodi village, Chattisgarh

The farmers were in dilemma when the project started as they were unsure about trying this new technology but after the harvest they truly believe in what they are doing with Mati team and their vision.

Karunanidhi Yadav

Rural Agricultural Extension Officer, Chattisgarh