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Mati is scaling rapidly in India and also looking at international trials with select partners.ย We are small organization, with big ambitions to make a significant impact on climate change and farmer lives.ย 

We invite you to visit our operations and farmer sites.

Suite A, 1109 Marconi Street

Houston TX

Our global head quarters and head office in the USA.

13/14 Sarvapriya Vihar

New Delhi, India

Our operational head quarters for India.

HIG 1/719, Sector 29

Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh, India

Our field office for operations in central India

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Salient features of Mati Carbon Removal:


Benefits of Project Mati


Our process stores carbon permanently (>10,000 years) through the process of mineral carbonation. This gives our buyers a significant ROI in terms of impact on climate.

Physical footprint

We take advantage of carbon sinks and sources less constrained by arable land by using natural rock sources as a substrate for carbon sequestration


We have a clear path to being affordable at scale (<$100 per ton) through the use of low-cost natural materials, our proprietary MRV technology and the potential for automation and standardization of the process


India has amongst the largest mineral supplies,agriculture fields, temperature and soil conditions required for enhanced rock weathering

Net negativity

Results in a net reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide by removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than is emitted during the process


Our Process is additional in nature and we also provide significant co-benefits for the farmers.


We have a path to using scientifically rigorous and transparent methods for monitoring and verification through the use of isotopic tracer techniques and other monitoring technologies through our partnerships with global universities who are at the forefront of research on enhanced rock weathering.

Safety and legality

We work towards the highest standards of safety, compliance, and local environmental outcomes; actively mitigates risks and negative environmental and other externalities on an ongoing basis by following established regulatory guidelines and engaging with local communities to address any potential concerns to ensure peace of mind for buyers.